Huion Graphic Tablet W58 Tablet Contributing Tutorials: Dolls’ Dancing Party

Device; Huion W58

Software;Photoshop CS5


Inspiration: When the innocent and kind-hearted maid cleans her Miss’s boudoir, she inadvertently awakened the sleeping dolls. Dolls are all thankful for the little maid that they hold a dancing party for her specifically. The little maid on the stage is like a noble princess, and she dances happily with Mr Teddy Bear.

Pic 1: first create a A4 size canvas, create a new layer, draw a draft, reduce the opacity of the draft layer, and then create a new layer, draw lines.


Pic 2: draw the patterns of stars and clouds with the custom shape tool.


Pic 3: create a new background color layer under the line layer, and fill it deep blue, then lock transparent pixels on the star and moon layer, cover with a layer of pale yellow.


Pic 4:create several new layers used to fill color, this is the effect after filling color.


Pic 5: set "bevel and Emboss" for the layer of star and cloud, and produce a three-dimensional effect.


Pic 6: lock transparent pixels in the line layer, then change the color of it, do it as shown in the picture.


Pic 7: first refine the whole body of the girls, draw the shadows and highlights.


Pic 8:this is the effect of the completed eyes.


Pic 9: draw the shadow and highlight of Teddy bear’s body with the fluff brush (attention: fluff brush comes from Mr. Yang Xueguo’s Blur's good brush 5 )


Pic 10: complete the eyes and the nose part of the bear, and then finish its bow! Bow’s background color is dark red, but after painting the bow’s shadows and highlights, it seems that it doesn’t match with the girl’s hair ornaments. then use the color balance adjustment, it can solve this problem.


Pic 11: Execute "flip horizontal canvas" command, to facilitate the refinement of the girl's hair. After the hair is completed, and then execute "flip horizontal canvas" command again.


Pic 12: the girl’s clothes are finished now.


Pic 13: next step is to make the grid’s texture, first built a blank canvas, use custom shape tool to draw grid shapes, rasterize the shapes, drag the three grid pattern with Alt, arrange them together neatly, and merge the layers. This is the rendering after all grids are arranged together.


Pic 14: copy the grid layer, paste on the stage layer, then change the grid’s shape through "free transform", and then lock transparent pixels of the grid layer, change the color of the grid, add high light later.


Pic 15: add some shadows to doll chicks slightly, then draw the pupils of the eyes and highlight it. Then it is finished ~


Pic 16: turtle shell texture is made from the "filter" in "stained glass".


Pic 17: then complete the doll crocodile.


Pic 18: there is no eyepatch in the first design draft, but in order to let the baby rabbit have more features, I add an eye patch finally.


Pic 19: after the refinement of giraffe, then add a red face to it in order to highlight its shy personality.


Pic 20: create a new layer below the moon-star layer, select color with yellow spray brush, then draw the moon and star’s light, then adopt the "Gauss-blur" to let light look more natural.


Pic 21:click light to the fireflies in order to decorate the drawing.


Pic 22: click light to fireflies at the bottom of the drawing.


Pic 23: add some fine decoration to the clouds lamp.


This is the final effect.


By Huion