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HUION H610 Pro-----2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity



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Valid date: 10th May-17th May



Working Area:10x 6.25"

The Huion H610Pro is one of Huion's most popular products. With its large active area of 10"x 6.25" the H610Pro allows you to create without any restrictions.

The H610Pro’s specifications of 5080 LPI, 233RPS and 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity gives you highly responsive and natural control of line thickness, transparency and color. Huion 610Pro helps you accomplish the most sophisticated designing, drawing and writing tasks. 


8 Customized Press Keys&16 Customized Soft Keys

The 8 physical express-keys on the left and 16 hot cells on the top of the tablet are all customizable, providing you multiple ways to tailor your creative experience and increase your efficiency. 


Rechargeable Pen

The Huion digital pen can completely replace a mouse allowing you to benefit from the freedom of using a pen.
If you have a Mac or a Windows PC and love visual arts you will love the Huion H610Pro.


What is in the box:

1.Graphics Tablet
2.Rechargeable Pen
3.Mini USB Cable
4.Pen Charging Cable
5.Pen Holder(4 Nibs inside and Integrated with Clip)
6.Installation CD
7.User Manual


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Note: Due to different custom laws from different countries, CDs might not be allowed to be included in the package. 

          We suggest you directly download the latest driver from our site.

***The Extra Service fee is irreversible and cannot be canceled or refunded under any circumstances. 


Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area 10" x 6.25"
Resolution 5080 LPI (Lines Per Inch)
Report Rate 233 PPS
Pen Pressure 2048 Levels
Reading Height 0.6"
Supply Voltage DC 5V
Power Consumption 0.35 W
Interface Support Mini USB
OS Support Win 10/Windows 8/Win7/Mac OS 10.8.0 or above
Compliance CE/FCC/CCC
Dimensions/piece 353*245*14MM
Net Weight/ piece 1.35KG
Gross Weight/piece 1.42KG
Out Carton Dimensions No
Quantity per Carton No
Net Weight/carton No
USB Cable Length 1.5m
Gross Weight/carton No
Type No
Express Keys 8 Express keys
Function Keys 16 Funtction keys
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Brandon 18/06/18 08:28 AM (GMT)
  • Nsw, Australia
  • 19
  • 177cm
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Please help
  • Good evening, I have only recieved my H-610pro today and I can’t seem to get it to work. It moves around the screen but it has not pen pressure and doesn’t connect so I can adjust the settings. I have the Gt-220 v2 and it works perfectly fine however I can’t get this one to work even after uninstalling the gt-220 drivers I’m using an MacBook Pro which I have just recently updated to the most recent version. If you’d have any tips or ideas on how to fix this problem it would be much appreciated:)
    Also if possible I would like to be able to use both the gt-220 v2 while I’m home and the h-610pro while I’m not.
    Again thank you in advance :).
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Oslo 07/09/17 02:55 PM (GMT)
  • My tablet isn't connecting. The pen isn't drawing and nothing's working. It has worked before, though, and the products have been simply stunning. Any advice?
  • Would you mind telling us if the light flashes briefly or not when:
    1)You plug the tablet in;
    2)The pen touches the tablet surface;
    3)Press the button beside the tablet;(Some model do not have express keys)

    Did you charge the pen? If yes, does red light up when the pen is charging? After fully charged, does the red light disappear?

    Could you please try below methods to see if it helps:

    1)Please charge the pen to make sure that it is in full charged;
    2)If it can not be used after full charged, please try to use the pen with connecting charging cable;

    Thank you!
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Bradical 06/01/17 02:13 AM (GMT)
  • Canada
  • Tall
  • It is the first Tablet I ever got, and I must say I'm quiet impressed!
    Its sleek and smooth, and the sound of the pen against the tablet is practically non existent! Definitely recommended for beginner artists/Animators. I will say that I hope to purchase from Huion in the future!
  • Watch my video
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Binod 19/03/17 12:46 AM (GMT)
  • 500062
I love this product....
  • Awesome tablet. It's pen pressure is awesome. I satisfy to use this product. This product value able to price. When my friend use my penteb, he had shocked, cause it's working very well & also he listened it's price, he had shocked. Unbelievable product. Huion you are awesome.
    I love this product.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Mélina 01/03/17 09:23 AM (GMT)
click for full-size image
was awsome
  • until my pen broke and i had to buy a new one for 53$ because of shipping...
Was this review helpful?    | 
Ryan 15/11/16 04:14 PM (GMT)
Couldn't be happier!
  • I bought this before my college's Fall semester as an upgrade to an ancient tablet I had lying around. As someone who uses much more expensive "professional" tablets in my school's computer labs, I'm floored by how amazing the H610 Pro is. It works perfectly for the Adobe Creative Cloud as well as Paint Tool Sai, with the suite of features that you'd expect on tablets that are 5 times the price! The rechargeable pen is as little of a nuisance as it can be, only needing charging maybe once every few weeks with heavy use. The surface is buttery smooth and easy to keep clean, and the package that I got that comes with a glove makes the experience even better! In terms of sensitivity, I suspect that the professional tablets that I use at school are technically more sensitive but the actual drawing experience is identical to me! As everyone here has mentioned, the drivers are a bit finicky, however once set up the actual software is simple and elegant.

    One last thing! The fact that the USB cable is replaceable is such a huge up for me. Cables are always a huge weak point for basically any piece of tech, so the ability to replace the H610's cable cheaply is incredibly reassuring.

    If it wasn't obvious, I couldn't recommend this tablet more! It's an incredible piece of tech for a more-than competitive price. I'm a Huion fanatic, through and through!
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Larry 06/03/16 05:42 AM (GMT)
working perferctly
  • it has been working perfectly fine; long-lasting battery charge on pen, little to no lag or glitching.., overall, it's been of high quality and met all of my needs.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Garry 30/05/16 06:15 AM (GMT)
feel great
  • I love the way it feels and the size, since I used to use a smaller one.
Was this review helpful?    | 
lawrence 25/05/16 06:04 AM (GMT)
  • 20
carrying bag needed
  • Great product. But hope you guys can design a carrying bag for it, so I can carry it out.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Juan 20/05/16 09:31 AM (GMT)
  • 19
This tablet met ALL of my expectations.
  • This tablet met ALL of my expectations. The pressure sensitivity works great, the pen does NOT lag at all like I saw in some other tablets. It works great with photoshop cs6. 100% recommend.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Dan 20/05/16 09:20 AM (GMT)
Excellent product, no need to think twice
  • Excellent product, no need to think twice
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Was this review helpful?    | 
rouben 19/05/16 09:32 AM (GMT)
  • по сравнению с H610, прежде чем я купил this.A немного по-другому, но я думаю, что это лучше один может быть? Я сначала загрузить неправильный драйвер, который делает отставание в программе, но вскоре исправлена путем отправки сообщений электронной почты и онлайн чате заказчику service.nice.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
katy 17/05/16 09:42 AM (GMT)
express keys are helpful
  • I love the tablet with 8 express keys and 16 soft keys, it meets my requirement.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Ben robin 17/05/16 09:38 AM (GMT)
cheaper and sensitive
  • Very touchy and sensitive, the texture of tablet is comfortable, just like you draw on paper. The most importantly, it is so cheap.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Niki 17/05/16 09:33 AM (GMT)
Help me a lot
  • I am a artist student, it helps me a lot to complete my exam druing my academic career. This is the best choice for who can't afford wacom.
3 of 3 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
leo santo 17/05/16 09:29 AM (GMT)
easy to set up
  • This tablet was exactly as advertised. Everything about the tablet was easy to use.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Slama Shaikh 17/05/16 09:23 AM (GMT)
compatibility with Opencanvas?
  • I am running window10, using H610pro, is it compatible with Opencanvas?
  • Yes, it is compatible with Open canvas.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Alice 17/05/16 09:17 AM (GMT)
  • Spain
great for me
  • After using few months, I
    in general use, like for drawing, painting in 2D software like Photoshop and Clip Paint Studio, paint tool sai and so on, and 3D Software like ZBrush and Autodesk Maya, the tablet has been working really great for me!
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Was this review helpful?    | 
tomocata 13/05/16 07:34 AM (GMT)
  • perfektes Produkt, aber immer noch zu verwenden verwirrt, weiß nicht, wie die Schaltflächen in der programme.use SAI gesetzt zu bekommen.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Amanda B 05/06/16 09:28 AM (GMT)
  • Sweden
  • 30
Definitely would recommend!
  • I read a lot of reviews for this product before going for it. One thing that concerned me was everyone seemed to be having trouble with the instruction manual/installing the package. I'm not certain if they've changed the manual since then or what, but it made perfect sense to me!

    I started using Photoshop, with this, and never had a single complication. Right away the whole thing was just working smoothly with no complications.
    Definitely would recommend! The buttons are useful, too! Just a bit noisy!
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Creepy 19/03/16 11:59 PM (GMT)
  • Mars
  • 9
  • 8,6
Its OK ..
  • I recently got one of these for christmas, and i have to say It works greatly! But.. I've had a dozen of issues after I started to get the hang of drawing with it. My Cursor kept disappearing, Pen pressure kept going on and off.. I kept having to unplug and replug it to get pen pressure to work, And one issue out of all of them bugs me the most; For half of a month, the cursor wouldn't even work in SAI. Couldn't move it, At all. Overall, I think its OK, but I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your comment.
    From your description, we think the problem is caused by mis-installation. Please go to
    and download the driver. (Please uninstall the driver you are using now, unplug the tablet, close all the drawing program and anti-virus software before installing the new driver. Then re-plug the tablet in)

    Besides, you can also try:
    Disable Flicks. Go here Control Panel > Pen and Touch > Flicks. Uncheck all checkboxes. Press OK.
    Enable/disable the support TabletPC option on the driver setting interface.

    Huion Team
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Was this review helpful?    | 
AJ 14/03/16 12:08 PM (GMT)
Great product!
  • It is a very good tablet for my needs. The pen stays charged for a very, very long time with little wait to charge it, hardware is good and light.

    The drivers are tricky to instal, even with instructions, but after managing to sort it out it works in Paint Tool Sai (on windows 8.1) wonderfully.

    I would definitely reccomend this tablet if you can get past the driver issues.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Daily Alien Games 20/12/15 03:17 AM (GMT)
  • USA
  • 36
  • 5'10"
Great starter tablet!!! Can't beat the price!!!
  • I am an indie game designer and had been wanting a graphic tablet for a while but had simply made do with my OVERPRICED mouse. Finally gave in after coming across this tablet for around $70(I didn't want to spend hundreds on a Wacom just in case I didn't like using a tablet) and I have to say this is probably the greatest investment I've ever made.

    I use gIMP and Photoshop for most of my graphical work(I will say this, if you use gIMP, turn off the ruler guides one your layout, otherwise it lags big time) and this tablet is just perfect for both. I also use Blender and 3DMax for my 3D work and have learned to use this tablet with both of them very quickly.

    If you are just wanting to learn to use a tablet or just don't want to spend a lot of money on something that isn't really a requirement for whatever you are doing, this tablet is perfect. I have recommended this tablet to several of my friends and they have all bought Huion products(4 of them bought this table, one of them bought a different model, not sure which and they all love them).
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Skipps. 18/12/15 10:06 AM (GMT)
  • why does this matter to you
  • who cares
Great potential ruined by serious driver issues.
  • To be honest, I did not expect much from a tablet at this price, but even then I am kind of underwhelmed.

    Even though it is a grease magnet, I love the tablet's light weight and portability, even with it's quite big size. And on paper, this tablet could easily beat Wacom budget alternatives with it's great specifications. But I guess that's all the positive things I can say about it.

    Tablet kind of works as you would expect for the first couple of weeks, but there are serious problems with drivers which, out of nowhere, appear on, at least, Windows 10.
    Drivers work differently every time as I connect the tablet.
    One time the pressure sensitivity doesn't work, other time the buttons on the stylus just simply won't work and they freeze up the tablet in general, as I have to replug the device from USB again.
    Now it's even worse, that I can't just plug the tablet out and back in, as if I do that, the stylus just stops working.

    If the drivers could be rock solid, I could really recommend this device to others, as it has great potential being an outstanding graphics tablet on a budget, but with all the driver issues I have, it's kind of dissapointing, and I just can't recommend it to anyone.

    But I think of switching to Wacom right now, honestly.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Pach 13/12/15 11:40 PM (GMT)
  • RD
  • 26
click for full-size image
The line is Shaky!!!
  • hello there, I have some problems whit my tablet, I have just a few months with her whens and worked very well , but now the line is shaky, try to uninstall and reinstall and still giving me the problem in any program I use, try charging the pen and nothing. i have a Huion h610 pro.

    Please help me.
4 of 9 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Cindy 12/05/15 04:26 AM (GMT)
  • This tablet has worked wonderfully for me! The first day that it arrived, my boyfriend tried to get it ready for me and accidentally broke the stylist, thinking it needed batteries. With much help from a friend, he managed to put it back together.
    Even after such a tragedy, the pen works flawlessly. The pressure was a bit wacky at first, but the issue didn't last long.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Walker 01/05/15 09:44 AM (GMT)
  • review: Received my tablet and it work fine now. This tablet is excellent choice for the

    cost. It seems that this is an update version of the H610. Looks better than H610 and with higher specification. It's great!
Was this review helpful?    | 
Dennis Bera 01/03/15 10:20 AM (GMT)
Great Christmas Gift!
  • I bought for my son as a Christmas gift and he likes it very much. He is really satisfied with H610Pro. Highly recommend!
Was this review helpful?    | 
Romia Barada 01/03/15 07:48 AM (GMT)
Fast delivery and in good package condition
  • Fast delivery and in good package condition.The only thing for me currently will be how to learn using it properly:)
Was this review helpful?    | 
D.D 29/12/14 10:08 AM (GMT)
Cheap but great wacom alternative
  • I have received the item. It works perfectly so far. Below is my review to this item, just for reference.
    1) Very cheap WACOM alternative;
    2) Driver works great and the pen pressure is tested fine.
    3) Professional.
    4) Compatible with Photoshop and Sai.

    1) There’s no CD included in the package. Contacted huion support and they said it's due to custom law or something..No big deal anyway, as I could download the driver from the website.
    2) There’s no eraser on the top of the pen and the pen is light since there’s no battery insides it. In fact I prefer a heavy design.
7 of 7 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
kara 28/12/14 07:53 AM (GMT)
Thank You Huion!
  • I received my H610 pro tablet a few days ago. It works fine.
0 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Judy 25/12/14 10:09 AM (GMT)
Great value and best price!
  • On-time shipment and delivery! The item received confirms the description on product page. Very good value!
1 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Kargo D 25/12/14 08:51 AM (GMT)
Excellent Wacom alternative and unbeatable price
  • The active area is the same size as a Wacom Intuos pro medium, feel no discomfort when using. Although you do not have experience or techniques in graphics tablet, everything will be under your control.
    The pen is pleasant to grip, neither too heavy nor too light. As a Wacom user, to be honest it is nicer than Wacon pen. And it is rechargeable via a wired connects the side "gum" to a USB port on the computer. After charging for around 10 hours, it will last to work for about 800h. 8 express keys are programmable and it is so convenient.
    As for the driver installing, I contact Huion customer service at the beginning for the right following steps. Amazing! They reply me so promptly and I followed their instructions. No difficulties. After the pen is fully charged and I began to draw on H610 Pro, excellent! It is very accurate and pressure sensitivity is simply phenomenal, better than my old Intuos 5, whether in Sketchbook Pro 2015, Photoshop, or Gimp. So Great! It deserves 5 star rating.
    Huion H610 Pro offers me such a mastery of line for a quarter of the price of an equivalent Intuos. What an excellent Wacom alternative it is!
1 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Stephen 23/12/14 09:27 AM (GMT)
Great product and excellent customer support!
  • This graphic tablet is beyond my expectation. It was well packaged and arrived in good order.It has a arched surface with a nice feel,solidly constructed. Great value for the money!

    The Mac driver works perfectly with Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and Illustrator CC.
    Before the purchase, I have contacted Huion's customer support with a couple of questions and they are very nice and patient, really impressed.

    ---Happy customer Stephen
Was this review helpful?    | 
Lissize 23/12/14 06:57 AM (GMT)
Great Product H610 Pro
  • I am a digital art designer, and most of the time I stay with my graphic tablet. I have 2 tablets. A Wacom bamboo and a wacom intuos. Wacom tablet is really good, and there is no doubt that it is the king in this field. Anyway I have never try other kind of tablet. So I decide to try some new one. I am always interested in new things.

    I heard about Huion recently because Ray Frenden made a Huion review and it attracts a lot of people to turn to this new brand. I search Huion and find that their graphic tablets are also highly recommended by many people.
    I choose the H610PRO, and it just cost me $69.99. Much lower price than Wacom’s tablet.
    When I unbox it I found it is very light and easy to carry. The build is decent with an unbeatable price.
    The active area is 10’x6’ inch, nice enough for me to draw on. The pen is a rechargeable pen. Also I would like to tell you that huion’s pen without eraser function, so you need to get used of it. But it makes not much difference because it is not a terrible problem.

    Installing Huion’s driver really makes me go mad. At first, I try install the driver and then I found that may problem occur, such as jittering and delay. And I contact to the huion service, they response to me quickly and help me to reinstall the huion’s driver. I did as they told and it works. Their service is also awesome.

    The first time drawing on the graphic tablet really surprises me. It feels like you were drawing on a paper and just as the wacom do. There are 8 physical keys on the surface. Also 16 programmable hot function keys on the active area allow you to program as you like. It works on most of the software so far. I love this tablet so much now.

    I can’t say that Huion is perfect and they can replace wacom. While for this competitive price and good service, it is a good choice for people who would like to buy a drawing tablet with no much cash. Just as the daily use and dress, someone can easily afford the best things without hesitation. But I think also part of people would think twice and carefully make a decision. And the H610 PRO is a good tablet at this low price. You deserve it.
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Was this review helpful?    | 
Julia 12/04/14 09:56 AM (GMT)
works wonderfully without a problem
  • Works very well, installed easy enough with driver from online. Works great and like 1/4 the price of wacom, and has all those nice programmable buttons.I recommend.
2 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
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36 Item(s)



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