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HUION WH1409-The largest tablet in the world

Working Area:13.8 x 8.6’’

Huion Giano graphic tablet has a gigantic active area; it is the largest in Huion products with amazing 13.8 x 8.6’’ (350 x 220mm) of space you can draw freely on. 


Wireless Function

There is no need for you to buy a new desk or to rearrange current one since Giano’s compact dimensions of 17.9 x 10.5 x 0.6’’ (455 x 266 x 16mm) fits almost  every  working space. Even more freedom in work comes with the wireless connectivity (up to 12m) and weight of only 1,1kg. The battery of 2000mAh will run for more than  40  hours and if that's not enough, it works with a power supply cable as well.


On top of this, the most advanced hardware specification secures excellent characteristics for drawing. Giano has 2048 pressure levels pen sensitivity, report rate of 230RPS and resolution of 5080 LPI.

12 Express Keys

Artists, designers and other drawers know well that some projects might require unlimited number of repetitive commands and they take hours to complete. Giano  has 12 press keys distributed in a layout of 3 x 4 to save your time and raise your efficiency without even the need to look down. Another excellent feature is that all  the keys are customizable, just the way you like it. 

Built-in 8GB SD Card Reader

We also know that some of professionals have to take their projects away from the office. Mobility feature is followed by a built-in 8GB of storage in Giano, which allows  you to save projects and take your work anytime, anywhere.


What is in the box:

A. Huion Giano

B. USB Wireless receiver (Driver and User Manual inside)
C. USB charging + connectivity cable
D. Rechargeable Pen P-80

E. Pen holder (4 Pen tips inside)


Note: Due to different custom laws from different countries, CDs might not be allowed to be included in the package. 

          We suggest you directly download the latest driver from our site.


***The Extra Service fee is irreversible and cannot be canceled or refunded under any circumstances. 



Technology Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area 13.8 x 8.6’’
Resolution 5080 LPI(Line Per Inch)
Report Rate 230 RPS
Pen Pressure 2048 Levels
Reading Height 0.6''
Supply Voltage No
Power Consumption No
Interface Support USB Wireless 2.4 GHz/EF
OS Support Win 10/Windows 8/Win7/Mac OS 10.8.0 or above
Compliance CE/FCC/CCC
Dimensions/piece 455 x 266 x 16mm
Net Weight/ piece 1.1kg
Gross Weight/piece 2.5kg
Out Carton Dimensions No
Quantity per Carton No
Net Weight/carton No
USB Cable Length 1.5m
Gross Weight/carton No
Type No
Express Keys 12
Function Keys 0
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26 Item(s)

Aram1s 20/07/17 07:19 PM (GMT)
About those buttons ( HUION WH1409 ( GIANO ))
  • Hey, i really love this tablet ! really cool and all,'s been some years that i own this tablet and...every months i go on the website to see if someone has the same problem that i have, but i was too lazy to ask people how to solve it. But still, even if it's because of my own lazyness that i still don't know how to fix this problem, you guys really didn't
    explained this on the manual and all, but maybe it's just that i didn't understood something since my English isn't that good, but here's the problem : There is 12 buttons on this tablet ( huion giano ) then why the fu*k can i only use or change shortcuts of the first 8, i mean, maybe it's really obvious, but still there is only 8 options on the "pentablet" menu. so please answer my call to help because i really want those 4 shortcuts, in fact i kinda bought the tablet for the price, the size, and the large number of shortcuts...
  • Hello,

    Please check if you installed the correct version of the driver.

    Kindly note that you can go to Huion website to download the newest driver and instruction according to your system and model number via following link:

    Please do NOT plug the tablet and close all painting program and delete previous driver folder before you install the driver. Then reboot your computer and plug the tablet to your PC.
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Alexander Verified Buyer 30/01/17 07:39 PM (GMT)
  • Russia
  • 28
  • more than 1 year(s)
  • Я в восторге от этого планшета. Если кто хочет мега здоровый планшет, берите не стесняйтесь
1 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Sir Palotti 25/01/17 04:31 PM (GMT)
  • Italy
driver problems
  • i've buyed a huion Wh1409 but the driver doesn't connect the device. I am using Windows 10 and i don't know what i need to do. :-(
  • Here's a step by step to reinstall, please try and see if it works:
    1. Log out the Huion driver, close all drawing programs you are running, close your anti virus software.
    2. Uninstall the Huion driver from control panel.
    3. Find the "TabletDriver" folder from C:\Program files\ and delete it. (If you are not able to find this folder, that means you have deleted it already, and you may skip this step.)
    4. Go to C:\windows\system32 or C:\windows\system64, find "wintab32.dll" and delete it.
    5. Unplug the USB cable.
    6. Download driver from Huion website and install it as an Administrator.
    7. Reboot the computer and wait until it finishes rebooting.
    8. Plug the tablet back in.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Mijail 28/09/16 09:13 AM (GMT)
  • Spain
  • 30
Una de las mejores tabletas gráficas del mercado.
  • Estoy muy contento con esta tableta gráfica.
    La tableta es grande no, inmensa! y el area de dibujo es algo más grande que un Din A4. Bastante configurable incluso si eres zurdo activas la opción y todo se invierte para que los botones se te queden a la derecha y puedas dibujar igual. La presión funciona perfecta, he tenido otra tableta Wacom y sinceramente me gusta mucho más esta. Probada con Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Paintstorm Studio, Substance Painter, Autodesk Maya...
    La recomiendo 100%.
  • Glad to hear you are satisfied with our product. Thank you for your support :)
Was this review helpful?    | 
syed hassan kazmi 26/09/16 02:59 PM (GMT)
  • london
  • 35
  • 98KG
click for full-size image
review and test
  • its very stone is good to work on and free like a pen, photoshop cc A+ to work with,
Was this review helpful?    | 
Penyhdez 08/11/16 12:07 PM (GMT)
  • Canary Islands
  • 38
  • 160
Muy buena calidad con muy buen precio. Servicio Técnico sobresaliente.
  • Yo la recibí en perfecto estado salvo por el detalle de que no funcionaba en modo inhalámbrico. Tras un par de correos para el análisis de los detalles del fallo, me enviaron un USB nuevo. Me ayudaron en todo momento con explicaciones y asesoramiento para su instalación.
    He quedado realmente satisfecha con la atención, el interés y la preocupación que han demostrado para solucionar mi problema.
    La utilizo con muchos programas y con todos opera perfectamente, sin fallos ni problemas. El tamaño es genial y los botones muy prácticos y de buena calidad. El lápiz es muy cómodo y pesa poco lo que hace que no te canse trabajar con él.
    Un gran producto, un gran precio y un gran soporte técnico.

Was this review helpful?    | 
Ayu 15/06/16 03:37 AM (GMT)
If Huion make a carrying bag for this model, that would be great!
  • The delivery is a bit late, but that's ok for me. I had a wired tablet before, but I lost the pen and USB recently, so I think, why not try a wireless and bigger one. lol
    If Huion make a carrying bag for this model, that would be great!
14 of 14 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Nicole Yaung 06/01/16 03:00 AM (GMT)
click for full-size image
excellent tablet
  • I have to say that this is really an excellent tablet. I'm a newbie for tablets of some sort. But I'm geting use to it very soon. It makes you feel like you are drawing in real paper. And installation is fast and no delay when drawing. Will definitely recommend it to my friends!
1 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Nadia 06/01/16 02:44 AM (GMT)
  • 17
click for full-size image
test drawing
  • Didn't use any graphic tablet before. And I was worrying about not knowing how to set it up. But actually just after installed the driver, and set up pen pressure in my photoshop, I can draw smooooooth lines with pressure now. Great experience!
1 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
nina carson 31/05/16 09:52 AM (GMT)
good service
  • Maybe I upgrade my system that the wireless mode is not working at the first time.Sending emails to apply assistance and quickly get response to tell me how to fix that problem.I love this product.Running win8 and photoshop CS6.The buttons are easy to be set.a nice product.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Mandy 30/05/16 09:57 AM (GMT)
  • 26
No eraser on back of pen
  • No eraser on back of pen, but still a good product for me. Just need some time to get use to ir...
Was this review helpful?    | 
Colin 30/05/16 09:53 AM (GMT)
Affordable compared to Wacom tablets
  • Affordable compared to Wacom tablets at the same size. And I really love the wireless mode!
Was this review helpful?    | 
Dannis 19/05/16 08:07 AM (GMT)
  • I bought a WH 1409.

    received it yesterday.

    awesome looking device
0 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Danny 18/05/16 07:35 AM (GMT)
fast delivery
  • So fast delivery, it looks amazing, until now I haven't met any issue, it is doing great work.
2 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Eric 18/05/16 07:17 AM (GMT)
  • So interested in this model. I know the tablet support wireless function, just want to know if it support bluetooth?
  • Sorry that it doesn't support bluetooth, but we are planning on this function. Might be able to add it in the upcoming products. :)
Was this review helpful?    | 
Stephen 18/05/16 07:13 AM (GMT)
The best ever tablet i had
  • I have to say it is a amazing tablet, so large, and nice quality and touchy. I wish there was a pen holder on the edge of tablet to hold the pen, and a carry bag for it, so that it can be easily take out when i travel.
Was this review helpful?    | 
kathrine 05/12/16 09:51 AM (GMT)
  • Really great tablet.I have a H610 before,but prefer a wireless one instead to school.It's pretty easy to set the buttons and use in SAI.hope it would not occur any problem.bless~XOXO
0 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Gael 05/12/16 09:38 AM (GMT)
This graphics tablet works amazingly!!!
  • This graphics tablet works amazingly!!!
    It works excellent so far and install was pretty easy on windows 10 pro
1 of 1 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Massimo Piccinini 17/04/16 06:23 PM (GMT)
Prodotto eccellente
  • Prodotto eccellente. Con requisiti persino superiori alle specifiche. Facilità di installazione, si adatta a tutti i maggiori programmi grafici, che spesso non riescono a valorizzare la sensibilità della tavoletta e del pennino.
    Prodotto che può essere impiegato sia dal neofita sia dai prpfessionisti.
    Eccellente rapporto costo efficacia ne fa un prodotto di punta
2 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Karsten 04/11/16 07:42 AM (GMT)
Very good product!
  • Thanks!!!
0 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Massimo 04/09/16 05:29 PM (GMT)
Huion WH1409
  • Best price. Data delivery. Perfetto working.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Alexandra 22/03/16 05:47 PM (GMT)
  • France
  • 22
My first one, and surely not my last from Huion !!!
  • This tablet is huge, smooth and fast. The battery last so long !!! It's amazing :)

    Check out my first drawing, i'm really happy about my WH1409 :)
2 of 2 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Marreto 03/11/16 10:47 AM (GMT)
  • Brazil
  • 23
  • Good purchase.
    The tablet is huge and worked perfectly for me. I'm very satisfied with it. I think Huion have affordable quality procuts now. I for sure recommend it.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Fallen Verified Buyer 25/02/16 09:14 PM (GMT)
  • more than 1 year(s)
First one - Excellent one
  • Check this. My first drawing EVER with a tablet, and my first tablet EVER is WH1409.

    I'm really happy with the tablet. It's big enough :D

    From Spain
3 of 3 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
pierorossi 28/01/16 08:21 PM (GMT)
  • 53
  • 165
La mia nuova tavoletta
  • Uno di quegli strumenti di cui ad un certo punto non puoi fare a meno, cercavo un prodotto moderno, benfatto e completo.
    La uso da pochissimi giorni con grande piacere, mi ha trasmesso subito un ottimo feeling nonostante le differenze con la mia precedente tavoletta.
    Ottimo e consigliato
3 of 3 visitors found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful?    | 
Tristan 20/01/16 07:27 PM (GMT)
A great buy and a perfect tablet!
  • The Huion Giano WH1409 is the PERFECT tablet to get from Huion. It was delivered in just a few days and was packaged very nicely and professionally. It is also always nice to see that it is bigger than you expected. And the fact that it is wireless is beyond convenient for those who have problems with cord management (aka me).

    I had almost no problems installing this device. The drivers come on the wireless receiver which also acts as a flashdrive in a way. There were 3 different drivers that came on the receiver which made it a little confusing. But upon plugging in the receiver a driver is automatically installed and the pre-charged device is ready to use immediately. After messing around with each driver, it appears that each one has its own purposes (such as setting commands to the hotkeys on the tablet and the buttons on the pen). If you have trouble I would recommend uninstalling the drivers and trying again. They might be a bit buggy (I personally have not had any problems) I have yet to find the option to set the tablet to left-handed mode as I am left-handed but I might not bother with it because I haven't had any problems using it in right-handed mode. It is also nice to have a power cable in case of problems with the wireless receiver.

    The surface is very smooth and the pen feels really good in the hand. I feel like I am drawing on paper! And not having to recharge the pen for 3 months is amazing.

    So far I have only used the free program, Krita to draw on and it works great. The 2048 levels of pressure really make for some natural, smooth lines. There is no jitter.

    All of this being said, I would highly recommend this tablet for anyone, even beginners and professionals or even if you just have a hobby. You really can't argue with $160.
13 of 13 visitors found this review helpful.
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26 Item(s)


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