Huion V14 Driver has arrived!

We're excited to announce that our newest driver V14 has arrived! 

In this newest version, besides the newly designed installation interface, it presents a more fluent and artistic installing process as well. 

In this new driver, there are some major upgrades and new functions. 
Now, let’s dive right in and take a look!

1.On the “Stylus Pen” section, we have added “Mouse/Relative Mode” and “Game Mode”(please note that only Windows system has the Game Mode).

Under the “Game Mode”, the pen will have no pressure sensitivity, but it will have a faster response which is perfect for playing games like OSU!.


2.Once installed, the driver will automatically run as admin.(Please note that it only takes effect on the Windows operating system)

3.If you are using a battery-free pen with the V14 driver, you can press the pen button and touch the active area with the pen nib at the same time now!

4.For specific models, the V14 driver has tilt function as well.

5.For shortcut setting, the V14 driver now can support direct key broad input.

6.Once press down the keys without letting go, you can send out shortcut order continuously.

7.On the right upper corner of the driver interface, we have added a gear shape icon which is the new added “Settings”!


When you click the “Settings”, you can check for auto start.


Set up a shortcut to open the driver interface.


And check for driver updates!


Currently, V14 series of drivers are compatible with the following listed models:

For more details, please check below table:

You can download the driver from:

Or contact us via!