Easy to Carry with, Huion Releases the Kamvas Pro 12 Pen Display

Huion has just released a new pen display, the Kamvas Pro 12, on October 26th.

This 11.6-inch pen display comes with Huion’s latest battery-free pen technology, full laminated screen technology, and pen tilt technology that provides better performance and better user experience.

Compared to other pen displays released by Huion, at present, Kamvas Pro 12 is the smallest drawing pen display of Huion.



Main Features of Kamvas Pro 12:

1. 11.6 inches compact size

2. Battery-free stylus PW507 with 8192 pen pressure level

3. 4 customized express keys and 1 touch bar

4. ±60 degrees tilt support

5. 120% sRGB color gamut

6. The full-laminated anti-glare glass screen

7. 266 PPS report rate

8.  Two-section adjustable stand


Easy-carry Pen Display, Close to A4 size

The Huion KAMVAS Pro series of digital pen displays have welcomed a new member, the Kamvas Pro 12.

This new member has an 11.6-in screen and its working area is 256.32 X 144.18mm which is very close to the A4 size.

Although its back shell used the aluminum alloy material, the weight of the tablet is well controlled within 1 KG. And its 11 mm thickness makes it only a little thicker than a cell phone.

The lightweight and the ultra-thin body makes it an easy-carry device. Overall, this new pen display will be a good choice for someone who seeks an easy-carry equipment.





High-quality Screen

To provide a better user experience, the screen of Kamvas Pro 12 has adopted the anti-glare glass and the full-laminated screen technology.

The surface of the anti-glare glass was treated with special technology, so it has better wear resistant and no additional protector is needed.

Also, anti-glare glass can effectively reduce the interference of harmful ambient lights to human eyes and is conducive to broaden the visual angle and improve the brightness of the display.

By using the full-laminated screen technology into this pen display, this tablet has a better cursor tracking effect, offering a real paper-like feel when working on it.

The combination of anti-glare glass and the full-laminated screen technology help a lot to enhance the screen quality, you can have an advanced screen display effect and more enjoyable drawing experience when drawing on the tablet.


Professional Level Configurations

Huion Kamvas Pro series pen display is made for professionals, as a member of this series, Kamvas Pro 12 has also equipped with the professional level configurations.

Firstly, Pro 12 comes with a battery-free digital pen PW507 which has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. This means you don’t need to worry about the charging problem and you can have more natural and exquisite pen strokes.

Secondly, there are four customized express keys and one touch bar on the left side of the screen, helping you have easy access to your favorite shortcuts settings.

Thirdly, it supports ±60 degrees tilt recognition which can imitate the brush tilting effect correctly and ensure the accuracy of each movement you make on the screen.

Fourthly, it comes with the industry’s highest report rate 266 PPS, you can have better performance and quicker response when working on the pen display.

Finally, it is equipped with 120% sRGB color gamut, helping a lot to present 16.7 million colors vividly and reduce the color difference.

Thanks to these professional configurations, you can make all your creations come alive on the canvas like drawing on real paper.



Portable Integrated Folding Stand

This device has also outfitted a portable adjustable stand. The stand adopts portable integrated folding design and could be adjusted to 6 most intuitional and comfortable visual angles, satisfying most of your work needs. 



Pre-sale Discount

Kamvas Pro 12 is priced at 349USD and is on pre-sale in huiontablet.com on October, 26th.

As usual, this product will have pre-sale discounts, you can check the details of pre-sale discounts on the below table:

Time Original Price Pre-sale Price Discount
10.26-11.04 349USD 261.75USD 25% OFF
11.05-11.14 349USD 279.2USD 20% OFF
11.15-11.26 349USD 296.65USD 15% OFF


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