What to do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected?

Encountered a problem with Device disconnected when using Huion products but don't know how to fix it? Don't worry, here comes a tutorial to help you.



Method 1. Uninstall and reinstall the driver

1) Uninstall the driver. For windows, please check Three Methods to Uninstall Huion Drivers from Windows 7 to uninstall the driver properly and for Mac, please check How to Uninstall the HUION MAC Driver V13 or V14 Properly.

2) Replug the USB cable. Please check if the cursor is working properly without installing the driver. If the cursor works normally, that means the hardware has no problem.

3) Reinstall the driver. If the hardware has no problem, please check if you have installed the driver correctly. You can visit our official website (https://www.huion.com/download) to download the corresponding driver of your graphic tablet and reinstall the driver. For how to install the driver properly in Windows, please check How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows?  For how to install the driver properly in Mac, please check Solution to the Installation Problems under Mac Mojave.


Method 2. Use another USB cable to test.

If the above two methods cannot help, please check if the USB cable is damaged and please use another USB cable to test to see if it can work or not.


Method 3. Use another computer to test. 

If you have installed the driver properly without any issue but this problem still persists, please use another computer to test. If it works on another computer, it should be that the previous computer system lacks some components which cause the driver fails to connect.


If you have tried all the mentioned methods but it still shows Device disconnected, and the pen also cannot move after uninstalling the driver, then it might be that the port of the graphic tablet is damaged or the graphic tablet itself is damaged. If so, please contact our service staff at service@huion.com for further help.