How to Tell If Your Graphic Input Device Has Tilt Support and How to Use It? (Windows)

How to tell if your graphic input device has tilt support and how to use it? (Window)


Doubts on how to use the function of brush tilt and how to tell if their devices have such function are raised by lots of users who have bought the latest products with the tilt support since these products were released by Huion in July, 2018. Check guidelines below to see how to use the function of brush tilt.


To make sure if your pen tablet or pen display has tilt support, you can visit Huion official website and enter the model to check the specifications or consult after-sales.


Once you have confirmed that your device supports brush tilt, you can download programs that support tilt function, such as Photoshop and Expresii. The following guideline is based on Photoshop. (* Sai does not support brush tilt. )


Photoshop & tilt support

OS: Windows 10

Version: 7 SP1 6.1.7601.24231 Photoshop CC 2018

Model: H950P pen tablet

(1) Make sure your pen tablet is connected to the computer, with the icon down the right corner of the desktop indicated.


(2) Run Photoshop and choose painting. Click Window → find workspace → choose painting


(3) Create a new canvas. Click Document → Create new → enter length and width → click Create


(4) Find pen tools and then choose brush, and activate the real time preview of brush. (*Only brush with tip supports tilt function, take the one showed in the following picture as your reference.)


Now everything is ready for test and see if your device supports brush tilt. If the stylus showed in the upper left corner moves and tilts accordingly to the stylus held in your hand, it indicates your device supports brush tilt, and you will find the lines input on the same side where the stylus tilts relatively heavier, and vice versa.

Rendering of lines input with different gestures

1. nput with stylus tilted to the right

2. Input with stylus tilted to the left

3. No tilt

4. Input with stylus tilted forwards

5. Input with stylus tilted backwards

Otherwise, there will no tilted stylus showed in the upper left corner if your pen tablet or pen display do not support brush tilt.


Scientifically, pen tablets or pen displays that support brush tilt ensure more lifelike lines.