Pack Light. Create More. Carry-on Size Huion Tablets You Shouldn't Miss


If mobility is the top concern for you when choosing the right creation tools, you may be interested in our special offers for you this month. We have chosen a selection of pen displays and pen tablets featured better portability while not compromising in professionalism. 


In the coming 4 weeks, we'll present 3 models of Huion tablets with discounted price each week. Save up to 20% on carry-on size pen displays and pen tablets. Enjoy the freedom to create wherever you like, and whatever you want. 


To have better protection for your Huion tablet, check out our Artist Backpack which is $25.99 when buy with Kamvas Pro 13 / Pro 12 / GT-156HD V2, or $29.99 when buy with selected pen tablets.  


  Product Original Price Carry-on size tablets
Discount Price
Week 4
H950P $79.99 20% $63.99 
G10T $139.99 20% $111.99
NEW1060PLUS $89.99 20% $71.99