How to Identify Models of Huion Products?

How to identify models of Huion products? In some occasions, you will need to know the product model of your Huion product. For example, you need to provide the model code of your pen tablet or pen display when you are downloading the drivers from the official website since the driver provided is not applicable for all the models. Here, we will provide three methods below for you to identify the model of your Huion pen display or tablet.

1.Information on the package

Generally speaking, the product model is printed on the package. Take KAMVAS Pro 20 as an example, you can find the product model in the red frame shown below. But please note that position of models on the package is a little bit different from series to series as their packages are not the same. 2. Information on the product manual

Product model can also be found on the product manual packed respectively to each pen tablet or pen display. Take the product manual of KAMVAS Pro 13 as an example, you can find the product model code in the red frame of the below picture. Note: Some products use the general version of product manual so no product model will be specified in such product manual.

3. Information on the product tag

Product tag shown below can be found on the back of each product. From the red frame of the above picture, we can know that the product model of this tablet is Q11K.