Happy International Women's Day!


Behind every great woman is herself.

Behind many great pieces of arts are great women artists.


We’re so grateful to have so many great women artists using Huion products to create wonderful works. In #Artist4Huion, we have invited several female artists to share their ideas, experience and inspiration in creation.


Qsan (qsanworks) is a freelance illustrator from Milan, Italy. She always loved Japanese comic (anime/manga) since she was a child, specifically fantasy/shoujo stories, that influenced her art and style.


Yasamin (@yassa_m) is from Copenhagen Denmark and has drawn manga for over 18 years. She loves 90's styled mangas and thinks they all impacted her style greatly.


Paula Valiente (@Nasukichan) loves drawing since she was a child. She has tried many types of techniques throughout her life until she got to her current style. One of the things that she likes the most is create characters.



If you’re interested in their stories, or if you’re still confused in finding your own style, we’ll be sharing more stories of women artists in the future.


As International Women’s Day is coming, we have a special offer for you.

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Pen tablets and pen displays only. Valid on Mar. 8th PST. 

Items excluded: Kamvas Pro 13, DWH69, Q11K.


Thank you women artist, for making this world amazing.


Your friends at Huion





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