Capture the lovely MOMents with your Huion Tablets.  


She taught you how to take the first step.

She taught you how to hold a pen.

Her name was the very first word you’ve ever said, MOM.


She loves you and loves your children even better.

She’s your wife and MOM of the children.


Or she could be you, a super Artist MOM!


Remember all those unforgettable moments with her, laughter or tears, silly or enjoyable? Capture those lovely moments with your creation, draw it down or do photo editing to make it even more amazing. Share your work with her and tell her your love. 


As Mother’s Day is coming, we have a special offer for your. Enjoy up to 20% OFF for selected items. Create more, create with love.

  Product Original Price Discounted Price
Pen Display Kamvas Pro 12 $349 $279
Kamvas Pro 13 $399 $329
GT-191 $469 $399
GT-191 V2 $499 $439
GT-220 V2 $599 $479
GT-221 Pro $699 $599
Pen Tablet H950P $79.99 $67.99
H640P $49.99 $42.49
H610Pro V2 $79.99 $67.99


Expiration: 23:59 May 19th, 2019 PDT


Share your story with us using #HuionMOMent and get a chance to win a special gift. 




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